Product Photography

Image is everything! Almost everyone struggles trying to create a great product photo. Let us save you the frustration of trying to get your lighting right, your background perfect and editing so you can focus on selling!


Our experienced photography department uses full frame fx dslr (digital single-lens reflex) cameras to shoot high quality product images. We shoot at 6016×4016 pixels before cropping, so you’ve got plenty of megapixels to play with for your online store, your advertising or your social media. That’s a very large picture!


We shoot high key photographs, casting one set of lights on the product itself and another set of lights on the background. This lets us have a properly exposed product and a pure white background without resorting to clipping out the product and painting everything else in photoshop. We use strobe/flash or tungsten lighting to ensure perfect lighting detail.

High Key Photography

All photos are white balanced to ensure accurate color reproduction. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of blue tinted or yellow tinted product images! We are meticulous in every shoot to make sure the product image looks just like it does in real life.


We provide the original images in a non-lossy format such as dng, tiff or adobe photoshop document.
We also send you finalized images in high quality jpg or png format, optimized for size and quality.

Save time, sell more!

Let us help you by producing engaging images, with nothing in the way of  your customer purchasing your product.


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